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     Perhaps the term 'adventure travel' gives you the impression of booking a trip to Egypt, Kenya or Morocco with images of camping in the middle of nowhere with no washing facilities and having to cook your own meals. Well think again. Many trips are extremely accessible to virtually anyone. Itineraries have been carefully designed to appeal to all types of travellers – for those looking for a relaxing holiday which might involve a little sightseeing as well as plenty of time at the beach, to those looking for an exciting adventure.

     Some of the tours that are offered include in depth cycling, kayaking or hiking. The itineraries are unique and try to make every moment count by getting you away from the crowds. You will have the chance to see the iconic highlights of a country as well as some remarkable and unusual sights.The tour guides are second to none, all experts in their field and provide insights that you would probably not discover travelling independently

     Our tour operaters offer a wide selection of affordable small group tours, safaris and expeditions to more than 100 countries on all seven continents. .There are service levels and physical ratings designed to meet all tastes and budgets. For your next vacation why not consider an adventure tour, it will make an interesting change to the way you see the world.

     If you are interested in an unforgettable adventure vacation and would like more information please click here to access our inquiry page.