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Flying time from:
Calgary : Approximately 6 hours
Vancouver : Approximately 7 hours
Language: English and Jamaican patois.
Currency: Jamaican dollar. The U.S. dollar is widely accepted.
Climate: Sub-tropical with some rain in May/June and September/October.
Electricity: Same as Canada and the U.S.


Canadians entering Jamaica need proof of citizenship with photo identification (valid passport or original birth certificate plus official photo identification, etc.) and a return airline ticket.
All other nationalities please consult a vacation specialist or the Jamaica Tourist Board.

Note: Some hotels require credit card imprint upon check-in for any incidental charges. Hotel check-in is typically between 3pm and 4pm. If your flight arrives early, it is a good idea to pack essential items in your carry-on luggage (i.e. bathing suit, suntan lotion, medications, etc.), so you do not miss any valuable vacation time.


Mountain breezes and northeast trade winds create a pleasant year round climate. You will find a tropical climate at sea level and temperate climate in the interior mountainous region of the island. The average temperature oscillates between 19C and to 32C. Of course the higher the altitude the cooler it will be.

There are two distinctive rainy seasons: the first from May to June and the second from September to November. Jamaica is vulnerable to hurricanes in August, September and October. You may experience short but refreshing afternoon tropical showers all year and bring a sweater for the evening during the winter months

Jamaica Vacation tips

Taxis have pre-established rates and bus services are available on a city and national level. Air Jamaica Express offers domestic flights. To avoid stomach illness, drink bottled water and wash your hands often. Car and motorcycle rental desk can be found at the airport, in some hotels and in the city. When crossing the street or when renting a vehicle please remember that Jamaicans drive on the LEFT. The General Consumption Tax (GCT) of 15% is applied to goods and services. Hotels usually include a service charge of 10% to 15%. Restaurants accept the same 10% to 15% tipping rule. Tipping is also customary for bellmen, doormen, porters, tour guides and taxis.

Gang violence occurs regularly in inner-city areas of Kingston but tourist resorts are safe. However as a tourist you are more likely to be a target of petty crime. Use good judgment, take advantage of the safety deposit boxes provided by the hotels and ensure that you lock hotel door or your rented car. Carry your wallet and camera discreetly.

Top 5 reasons to visit Jamaica

1) Music and Culture

2) Luxury Resorts (a large amount of 5star or better)

3) Caribbean Ocean, great for swimming, diving, snorkeling & deep sea fishing

4) Golf and Spa (Easily accessible golf courses and world class spas)

5) Food (Many people travel for the "jerk chicken" and the blue mountain coffee)