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Capital : Canberra (New South Wales)

Currency : Australian Dollar

Electricity : 240/250 v (you will require adapter & converter)

Time Zone : Australia is divided into three time zones. Eastern is GMT +10, Central is GMT +9.5, and Western is GMT +8. Other than the Northern Territory and Queensland, all states observe daylight saving time in summer

Government : Federal parliamentary democracy

Land Size : 7,682,300 km2

Language : English is the official language

Religion : 25% Catholic and all other religions represented


Canadians require a valid passport for intended period of stay. An ETA (electronic travel authority) entry visa is required and is valid for 3 months from arrival date. West's Travel will issue your ETA for free if airline tickets are purchased at our office. We will also issue ETA for a minimal fee if your ticket was purchased elsewhere.

Driver's License

International drivers license is recommend but not required. Remember Australian traffic drives on the left hand side of the road.


Australia's seasons are the "reverse" of Canada. Their winter is June - Sep and their summer is Dec - Mar. Australia is temperate, most of the country receiving more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. In summer (December to March) the average temperature is 84°F (29°C). The hottest region is the northern two-thirds of the continent, which experiences humid and wet conditions in summer. Further south summer is warm with occasional hot spells and mild nights. Winter (June to August) averages 56°F (13°C) for the country as a whole, with warm days and mild nights in the northern areas, becoming cool and showery in the south (although there are still plenty of sunny days).

Australia Vacation Tips

When planning your trip, keep in mind that Australia is as big as Western Europe and about the same size as the United States.Melbourne andBrisbane are a long day's drive from Sydney, and driving from Sydney to Perth takes the better part of a week. Australia has a great bus system and their rail system covers the more commonly travelled regions. Travellers planning a trip around Australia will no doubt be aware of all the big attractions - climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, surfing at Bondi Beach, driving the Great Ocean Road, having fun at the theme parks on the Gold Coast and scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef and maybe seeing Ayer's Rock. For Tourists with limited vacation time, we recommend an escorted tour. For travellers with longer to spend "Downunder", we can help you arrange a "go as you please" or independent itinerary. Call West's Travel for expert advice.

Top 5 Reasons to visit Australia

1) A people of legendary friendliness

2) Lands, beaches and the Great Barrier Reef with astonishing beauty

3) Unique Animals from - Koalas, crocodiles, wombats, kangaroos and many more

4) Cosmopolitan cities and award winning restaurants and wines

5) For those who would rather do than watch! Fly, float, dive, jump, sail, surf, ride, go fishing, swim with dolphins, play great golf courses, kayak, bungee jump and hike; than this is the place for you.