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Capital: Havana.

Currency: Cuban convertible Peso.

Electricity: 110 V, 60Hz, American plugs. Hotels often have 220 V. so you will require converter/adapter

Time Zone: GMT -5 hr. Daylight savings time is applied.

Government: Communist state.

Land size: 110 992 km2.

Language: Spanish, basic English in resort areas.

Population: 11,000,000 approx.

Religion: The catholic religion is the most widespread but the afro-Cuban practices are very present.


A valid passport throughout your stay is required as well as a tourist card delivered onboard the aircraft by your airline prior to arrival in Cuba.

Driver's License

International license recommended. Must be 21 years old and have a credit card.


The Cuban climate is very pleasant because it is located in a moderate sub-tropical zone. There are two seasons: the rain season (May-October) and the dry season (November-April) with temperatures throughout the year averaging between 23C and 28C. Cuba is vulnerable to hurricanes in August, September and October. The average coastal water temperature is 25C. There are nearly 330 sunny days per year. The annual average of relative humidity is 78%.

Cuba Vacation Tips

Since November 2004, all purchases will have to be made only with the Cuban convertible Peso (which is par with the American dollar). Canadian dollars, Euros and British pounds can be easily exchanged for the Cuban convertible Peso without the premium of 10% being charged for American dollars. Credit cards and the travellers' cheques are widely accepted unless they are issued by an American bank and then they will NOT be accepted. To avoid stomach illness, drink bottled water and wash your hands often. When tipping in Cuba, they prefer Cuban Pesos or items that they cannot readily get in their own country, ask your travel agent for suggestions.

Top 5 reasons to visit Cuba

1) It's a very unique country with a very distinctive and colorful culture & Historic sites.

2) Friendly, hospitable people who make visitors feel welcome

3) 300 beautiful, pristine beaches, some of them are among the best in the world with a climate that boasts over 300 sunny days per year

4) Very low crime rate, it is safe to venture out of the resort areas.

5) Great Value for your travel dollar, and very inexpensive souvenirs