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Dominican Republic
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Capital: Santo Domingo.

Currency: Dominican peso.

Electricity: 110 volts, 60Hz.

Time Zone: GMT -4 hr. Daylight savings time is not applied.

Government: Representative democracy.

Land size: 48 730 km2.

Language: Spanish, basic English and French in resort areas.

Population: 8,950,000 approx.

Religion: 95% of the population is Catholic.

A valid passport is required and a tourist card ($10 US dollars) available through your airline or at the custom lines.

Driver's License
International license recommended. Must be 21 years old and have credit card.


Humid tropical but still pleasant thanks to the winds coming from the North-West and mountainous rises present on the island. The water temperature is usually between 27°C and 30°C. The rainy seasons are from May to August and again later in October. Dominican Republic is vulnerable to hurricanes in August, September and October.

Dominican Republic Vacation Tips

It is advised to use American dollars, rather than the Dominican peso. Major credit cards and the travellers' cheques are widely accepted in most hotels, restaurants and businesses.

There are no required vaccines to enter the country however precautions do need to be enforced. The most common illness is the traveller's diarrhea, usually showing up on the third day. Drink bottled water and wash your hands often. Make sure your food is thoroughly cooked and avoid open-air stands. The tap water is not treated.

The rate of crime is higher in the Dominican Republic; however tourists are generally safe in the resort areas. Use good judgment when traveling to cities or outside resort areas. Take advantage of the safety deposit boxes provided by the hotels and ensure that you lock your hotel door or your rented car.

It is advised to change your foreign currencies into American dollars, rather than the Dominican peso, at the larger banks or the accredited exchange bureaus of the country. Usually the hotels will also make the exchange but at a lesser rate of exchange.

Top 5 reasons to visit Dominican Republic

1) Extremely convenient to get to from Canada ( Some non-stop flights)

2) Caribbean Ocean, beautiful beaches, beautiful sunsets

3) Terrific value for your travel dollar

4) Amazing hotels and resorts with great service and food

5) Spectacular scenery & interesting tours