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Capital: Wellington (North Island)

Currency : New Zealand Dollar

Electricity : 240v (adapter & converter required)

Time Zone : Local time is GMT +12 (GMT +13 from the last Sunday in October to the last Sunday in March

Governmen t: Parliamentary democracy

Land size : 267,710 km2

Language : English and Maori

Population : 4,213,418

Religion : 15% Anglican, 12% Catholic and all others represented


Canadian passports must be valid for at least 3 months past period of stay. No entry visa is required for visits less than 3 months.

Driver's License

The best way to explore NZ in depth is to have your own transport, which allows you to create your own leisurely, flexible itinerary. Car and campervan rentals are easy for West's Travel to recommend. Remember the "Kiwis" drive on the left hand side of the road. Expect fuel and insurance costs to be much higher than Canada.


New Zealand has opposite seasons to Canada. The weather in New Zealand is changeable throughout the year. The North Island has mild winters and warm and humid summers, the South Island has lower temperatures with cold winters and extensive snowfields and glaciers. Snow falls on all the mountains in winter. The west coast receives the most rain. Summer months are from November to April.

New Zealand Vacation Tips

New Zealand offers great value for money as their dollar is roughly 1.30 Canadian. You can get New Zealand dollars before you go, but you may have to order them from the bank. Your debit card (interact) will work at ATM machines which are a numerous as they are in Canada, but we would always recommend that you have some local currency and a credit card for emergencies. Although New Zealand is a fairly small country, it has many diverse regions that have different things to offer. We recommend that you travel by rental car or an escorted tour to both North Island and South Island to ensure that you have experienced the whole country and what it has to offer. Call or email West's Travel for any questions or a quote.

5 top reasons to visit New Zealand

1) Value for your dollar

2) Extremely friendly and welcoming locals

3) The sheer beauty of the landscape as seen in the movie "Lord of the Rings"

4) Their weather is hot in the middle of Canada's cold winter

5) Easy to get around with fairly short distances