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Capital: London

Currency: British pound

Electricity: 240 volts AC at 50HZ. Appliances generally use standard 3-pin square plugs and sockets.

Time Zone: GMT. Daylight savings time is applied.

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Land size: 241,590 km2

Language: English, Welsh, Irish, Cornish and Scottish Gaelic

Population: 60,000,000 approx

Religion: Christian (Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist) 71.6%, Muslim 2.7%, Hindu 1%, other 1.6%, unspecified or none 23.1%

Entry Requirements

A valid passport and a return or onward ticket required.

Driver's License

A valid driver's license from Canada is accepted. An International Driving Permit is recommended.

Remember that they drive on the LEFT side of the road.


The UK has a temperate oceanic climate and its abundant rain is world renowned, however it rarely rains more than two or three hours at a time. The weather can be changeable from one day to the next but generally summer (June-August) is a warm 14 - 25°C, and winter (December-February) is a cool 1 - 4°C.

UK Vacation Tips

Remember to LOOK LEFT when stepping off a curb onto a crosswalk.

If you want to visit a number of sights during a short stay, The London Pass gives you free entry to over 50 attractions within the city, as well as free travel on all public transport. The card is available from tourist offices.

In general tipping is not compulsory but is appreciated, 10% being the standard tipping rate. The exception is restaurants where a 10%-20% service charge may be added to the bill.

You will find all items are more expensive in the UK including accommodation and restaurants, so budget accordingly.

Top 5 reasons to visit the UK

1) History surrounds you with castles, churches, museums & architecture

2) Physically compact and easy to get around; the United Kingdom is packed with interesting attractions for the tourist. Its major cities are a sightseer's paradise. Its countryside is full or quaint villages, attractions of historical significance, and idyllic country landscapes that invite you to explore and savor their beauty.

3) The main language is English.

4) Scenery.

5) Food, theater, tours, and shows.