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Before You Book

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Booking info

     It is mandatory that all travel documents and tickets have your "Legal Name" as it appears on your passport. Many airlines and suppliers may deny boarding or delay boarding those passengers whose documents do not match their passport exactly. It is also necessary to provide birthdates and, in some cases passport numbers and expiry dates.

Baggage Fees

     Many airlines are now charging for "checked" baggage. Before you book your flight, we recommend that you check with your travel agent or online (directly on the airline site or ) to find out if the airline that you are booking charges for checked baggage. If you are booking a vacation package, checked baggage is included with your package, usually up to 20kg (44 lbs) per person; however excess baggage fees do apply if you go over the limit.

Travel Documentation and Tourist Cards

     It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the proper travel documentation (i.e. passport, birth certificate, visas, etc.) for entry into the country you are planning to visit. West's Travel is not responsible for customers who are denied entry into a country because of invalid travel documentation. Many destinations also require tourist cards for entry into the country. If you book a vacation package and the country you are travelling to requires a tourist card, they will be given out on the plane. Note: Tourist cards may not be a valid form of visa entry for all nationalities. If you have any questions regarding travel documentation, please contact one of our Travel Consultants prior to making your reservation.

Travel Insurance

     All packages and flights are under strict cancellation penalties once booked and often times are 100% non-refundable and non-changeable. If for some unfortunate reason you are not able to travel on your package or flight and you do not have insurance, you will NOT receive a refund for the cost of your trip. In many cases this can equal thousands of dollars lost and therefore we strongly recommend that you protect yourself by purchasing travel insurance. West's Travel uses RBC Travel Insurance, a long standing and very trustworthy insurance company. An insurance option is made available on our website or contact one of our Travel Consultants for a quote.

Travel Immunizations

     The Public Health Agency of Canada strongly recommends that your travel plans include contacting a travel medicine clinic or physician six to eight weeks before departure. Based on your individual risk assessment, a health care professional can determine your need for immunizations and/or preventative medication and advise you on precautions to avoid disease. Travellers are reminded to ensure that their routine (childhood) immunizations (e.g. tetanus, diphtheria, polio, and measles) are up to date. Prescription medications should be kept in the original container and packed in carry-on luggage. Ask your Travel Consultant for contact info.